Thursday, March 24, 2016

Busting the Size Lie: How to Stop Obsessing over Size for Good

During this huge (and seemingly never ending) closet purge I'm undergoing, I've been forcing myself to try in every single piece to assess if I should keep (only if they fit the body I have right now) hold on to them as "goal pieces" ( I'm keeping a small amount of pieces for the body I'm working on) sell (the good stuff in great shape) or donate (good pieces that just don't fit my body or style right now).

While doing this edit, I've severely reduced my denim collection, but I noticed that, depending upon the brand, I'm a wide variety of sizes. 

To achieve the look I like in solid denim, I'm a 16. But in stretchier pieces, I could be a 12. This is a huge gap in sizing. 

I chalk this up simply to the brand, the material, and the quality of the piece, not as a problem with my body. 

However, a lot of women who have the same problem don't see it that way. This problem that isn't unique to me, is not just bothering women, but causing them emotional distress, even depression. 

That's because too many of us are too invested in this idea of size. We think that the value stitched on a little fabric tag defines our overall value as a woman, as a person. 

And that is total and complete BS. It's a lie that we've been taught; that the lower your body size, the higher your happiness lever. The higher your value and beauty as a woman and a human being. And it's a lie we are going to break today. 

 Here's why it's a lie:

First: RELAX! 
No reason to get all emo about a number on fabric tag. It doesn't make you a bad person or a less attractive person simply because you're a certain size! ITS JUST A NUMBER

It drives me crazy when I read or hear about someone who is trying to "fix" their bodies in order to fit some clothes. Clothes are (supposed to be) made to suit your body, not the reverse. If it doesn't fit, then it simply doesn't fit, whether it's your size, your style, or your lifestyle. And things that don't fit have no place in a Reclaimed girl's life.

I understand trying to make a piece fit better by making healthy life choices, but if your over all goal is based on a size and not over all health, it's time for a priority check. There are some healthy size 20's and sickly size 2's. Health will always outweigh a size. There are countless brands and even more types and styles of clothing, but you only get this. One. Body. Treat it right and love it, and it will reward you, not just by looking good for years, but with vitality and longevity, something clothes cannot give you.

Life is too damn short to not enjoy it. Self deprivation for the sake of bettering yourself I will always advocate. However, self deprivation for a size, something that changes between brands, styles, seasons, and even stores? I'm a little iffy about. Therefore is say this; Be balanced. Eat the cookie, work out, get good sleep, and smile. And life will be good. 

Clothes are supposed to be fun. Getting dressed is supposed to be exciting, not depressing. If you're upset no matter what you put on, it's a sign of a deeper issue.

if you're not happy with yourself, no specific size will make that any better. Clothes only illuminate how you already feel about yourself; whether you're trying to hide your flaws or accentuate your positives. 

At the end of the day, your quality of life is up to you. I encourage you to live your best life. But for those who still insist to obsess over a little number stitched on a tag, I'm just going to sip my tea.
What are your thoughts? How does size affect/effect your life? Comment below.