Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, March 22nd

Happy happy Tuesday all!

This week's Tuesday ShoesDay features weird shoe designs from fashion month, the best beginner heels, outfit making sandals, and why you should consider wearing block heels.

Other features include fresh ways to style your skinny jeans, a chic off the shoulder dress DIY, notable natural beauty products, the best blazers based on your budget, great spring trends that are already in your closet, and Ava DuVerney's next big project invokes fashion.

The Cut: Ava DuVerney's next project
Byrdie: 16 natural beauty products
A Pair and a Spare: DIY off the shoulder dress
WhoWhatWear: Best Blazers based on budget, Spring trends you already own, Block heels
Fashionista: The best beginner heels right now
The Zoe Report: Outfit making sandals at every price point, Fresh ways to style skinny jeans
Refinery29: Weird shoe designs