Monday, March 14, 2016

The Update: Easy Winter to Spring Casual Transitions

Winter to spring can be a tough transition, but it's not something to dread and is actually easier when you have the right pieces. 

We all seem to grasp dressy styles pretty well; slacks, jacket, buttondown, dress shoes, shades and watch. But when it comes to casual style, we are all across the map; from the too dressy other than a pair of jeans or way too casual in sweats with holes. Toss on the uncertainty of Spring weather and you can get even more confused. 

However, you (yeah you!) can conquer spring casual style easier than you may think. Here's how:

Tees will always be a wardrobe staple. Keep both long and short sleeve versions handy for layering and you will always be temperature appropriate.

Another wardrobe necessity, denim has become so versatile that it can go with pretty much anything, from a tee and sneaks to a buttondown and dress shoes. Update your thicker more rigid pairs for lighter ones for Spring.

Buttondown Tops:
Stock up on these and you will keep your dapper. From office ready Oxfords to plaid printed, denim and chambray versions, keep a variety on hand to layer over those aforementioned tees, opting to wear it button to the neck for a more formal look or opened like a cardigan for a more relaxed feel. 

Easy Sneakers:
What casual wardrobe would be complete without a few pairs of these. Comfortable and durable, this fabric footwear gives your style a put together look without being too dressy or too sporty.

A Jacket that allows room to layer:
A jacket with just a little room in it is perfect for those colder days (because spring...) when you want to them a hoodie or a sweatshirt in underneath

Other Goodies to Update:
I love a good backpack on a guy. One in a great hue and a minimalist style. For all of the spring weekend adventures, bike rides and hikes, grab a simplistic style where the color is all that does the talking.

Sporty Sunglasses:
Leave your James Bond shades at home and opt for more fun. Wayfarers or club master styles are great casual additions to relaxed looks without being to fancy. 

Not all belts need to be leather to be taken seriously. Find a nice non leather one to pull together a chill look.

A "Lighter" Wristwatch:
Heavy wristwatches are for winter and work. When hanging out or running around town, opt for a lighter timepiece, both in shade and in weight. Your wrist will thank you for the break. 

Casual style doesn't have to mean sloppy. By paying attention to the details, you can create a casual style that feels just as dapper as your dressy style with ease and without stress.
What are your favorite casual wardrobe updates? Sound off below.