Monday, March 21, 2016

The Update: Easy Winter to Spring Transitions for Workwear

Last week, we focused on simple transitional pieces for casual style.

Today, we are focusing on easy and effective Winter to Spring workwear pieces.

Much like last week's casual style guide, today's workwear guide is all about navigating the often confusing Spring weather, keeping you comfortable, and, of course, keeping you looking sharp and feeling your best.

However, unlike last week's casual style post, today we are zeroing in on work ready pieces that aren't just office appropriate, but easy tricks to elevating your style to desk wear dapper.

Layers are your friend- 

I was surprised when I learned how many of you dudes don't like layering! But proper layers are key to staying comfortable in uncertain Spring weather. 

Lighter Knits-
A light knit is the crazy spring weather version of your tried and true heavy sweaters from a month ago. Unlike these warm but bulky tops, their lighter versions are more breathable but also will keep morning and evening chill off of you, especially when layered with the item below. 

Trust the Trusty Buttondown-

Is there anything that says "I mean business." More than a trusty buttondown? And beneath lighter knit sweaters and cardigans, these work ready staples create a comfy yet office appropriate look.

Blazers for Instant Elevated Style-

Blazers have a way of elevating an entire look, such as the one suggested above. It takes a functional look from basic to bomb instantly.

For spring, break out the lighter shades of greys, blues, and browns (and, depending upon your job, any other color deemed appropriate.)

The Dapper is in the Details-

The reason I almost love men's fashion above women's fashion: The Details. Men's office fashion may be some what limited, the little details are where you get to display your personality. So whether it's cool shoes or crazy socks, a hilarious tie clip or your father's watch, make the look completely yours by adding in your personality.

Warm Jackets for the Win-

With mornings starting off as low as 30 degrees here, to not wear some form of warm outerwear would be foolish. Yet with some days skyrocketing to above 60 (and 70 a few days ago) to be too bundled up would be equally as foolish. 

Tread the middle and layer properly beneath a thick jacket. That way, you are protected from colder temperatures and, should the day really warm up, you aren't stuck lugging a parka around town.

Wear with Confidence-

No matter what you wear to work, the best thing you can put on is confidence, so wear it with style and you'll always be dressed your best.