Thursday, March 24, 2016

What Happens When an eBay only girl tried Poshmark

(Photo from We Heart It)

Thrifty shopping doesn't only have to happen in shops and stores. Online venues are some of my favorite ways to acquire vintage pieces. 

And, if you've been reading this blog long enough, you know that I am an eBay girl. Both buying and shopping on the site is simple, bidding is fun, and winning is even more so. Ebay has been pretty much my only means of online shopping. After all, anything that I want, I can usually find on the site. It's easy to use and simple to pay for what you have won. They have a great seller and buyer protection code. And nothing matches eBay's quality and quantity of fashion items.

However, I stray away from my first online shopping love and venture out to see what other sites have to offer. But honestly, Other sites and apps for the most part are pretty hit or miss. 

But now, I think I might have found a good contender in Poshmark.

Poshmark is an online shopping platform that has grown popular with fashionistas of all budgets. And with its app, it's become easier than ever to both buy and sell. 

Unlike eBay, is a site that is completely dedicated to fashion. Also, unlike eBay, Poshmark is not a bidding site, but a direct shopping site where users can freely explore each other's closets and make offers to sellers for their lightly used items. Poshmark also adds a social networking element in that users can follow their favorite shopping pages, known as "closets", like and share their favorites, and even comment on them. 

Don't get me wrong, eBay may never be dethroned as my favorite shopping site, but Poshmark is at least in the throne room, and I'm loving learning to navigate a fun and simple shopping community. 

Like some of the goodies you see above? Take a look at my Poshmark closet to snag them!

Interested in signing up for Poshmark? Use code PSFBY to get $10 to shop (because I LOOOOOVE giving you loves the hook up.) Send me a pic of what you get to I'll feature some of the best snaps!

Happy Shopping!