Monday, May 2, 2016

14 Things No Grown Man Should EVER Wear

There are literally endless ways to create great style. Whether your more of a dapper gent, opting for clean lines and crisp details, or your style is more casual, choosing sneaks and trainers over loafers and work shoes, or somewhere in between, there are countless ways to maintain your best style.

However, there are some things no guy, no matter what his style, should ever wear. Warning: He items in about to share with you are the tackiest, most distasteful, or just downright un-dapper things a gent could ever allow near his body. If you own any of these, my suggestion is that you not only rid them of your otherwise impeccable closets, but that you toss them. Don't even donate these, you wouldn't want to curse another soul with bad taste. 

1) Graphic T Shirts:
Now before you click to the next site, hear me out. I'm not talking about band tees or designer label tees, or just any tee with an image across it. 

The Tees I'm talking about are actually graphic tees in that their message is graphic. Think profanity, offensive language, awful pictures. Don't wear these. Cut them up and use them as cleaning rags for you home or car. 

2) Visors:
Who wears visors anymore? Just who? Toss 'em.

3) Fanny Packs:
Just why? When men's pockets are deep enough and there are a slew of quality, masculine bags, would you ever wrap one of these style killers around your waist?

4) "Winter Shorts"
This one you may or may not be familiar with. These are those really, really long "shorts" Man capris. Awkwardly long shorts or terribly short pants. Do any of these descriptions sound like something a dapper guy like you would want to wear instead of a comfy pair of cargos or handsome pair of chino shorts? No. Then toss away. 

5) Beer Branded Anything:
Anything you wear with a beer logo on it outside of a promotional even is a no-no, so don't keep it. 

6) Sagged Jeans:
Who still does this? Who? This style is seriously a relic from 20 years ago that literally everybody wants to die. Why, for the love of hokey boxers would you allow your underwear to show and then expect to be taken seriously. You are a man, not a child who is playing dress up in his dad's clothes. Pull your jeans up. Get a belt. Use it. And look like somebody with their act together. 

7) Skinny Jeans:
Conversely, I bear a secret, not-so-secret loathing for skinny jeans on guys. Again, why? Don't get me wrong, a pair of fitted jeans. However, when you're denim has more spandex than your girlfriend in them, it's time to let them go. Additional points deducted for sagging your skinny jeans. 

8)Ed Hardy/Von Dutch:
Considering these relics weren't that classy when they surfaced in every bastardized version of Asian Art scrawled on a tee or trucker hat, here we are in what I call the Renaissance of the dapper man and these definitely have no place other than the trash.

9)Jeans with Holes in the Knees:
What's up with the knee slits in guys jeans now? I'm not talking about distressed denim, I'm taking about deliberated slits cut in both knees of guys jeans. 

10) Shiny Shirts:
So self respecting dapper gent would be seen in a shirt reminiscent of 80's parties. The only thing a dapper get wants to shine through are his shoes, his watch, and his shining personality.

11) Club Shirts: 
You know, those obnoxious cousins of your work shirts. They have the same lapels, buttons and chest pockets, but that's where the similarities usually end. Coincidentally, these shirts are usually shiny. Double no no. 

12) Wallet Chains:
Because who doesn't love to be chained to their wallets. The faves of goth kids and skaters inhigh school, now as a grown man, it's time to set these aside. 

13) Crocs:
Honestly, I don't think anyone ever should wear Crocs, but least of these are men trying to be dapper. 

14) Anything that's not his style
The stylish man knows who he is, he knows what he likes, and he knows how to project who he is to the world. He doesn't dress to be anyone else, he knows his own worth and he knows that being himself is the most dapper thing of all.