Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kimono Corporate

Spring means warmer weather and warmer weather means looser fits, lighter fabrics and freer feels. Pieces like the kimono, which was a major trend the past few summers, are perfect for those warm festival days and cool concert nights.

But if you work in an office, the likelihood of you wearing your kimono and cut offs is highly unlikely. While the cutoffs are a definite no no, a kimono actually can successfully be made corporate with the right pieces. 

For today's look, I took the above lovely and light floral kimono and paired it with a chambray blouse. High waisted wide leg pants with a tie waist keeps this look on the cooler end of corporate. Complementary shoes and a matching boho floppy hat and tote make this look a bohemian chic masterpiece.

And what's better? Every single piece from this expensive looking outfit is under $50. Happy Thursday, gorgeous!

Kimono Corporate

WithChic long sleeve shirt
$43 -

WithChic floral top
$27 -

Yardena Silva tote handbag
$14 -

Floppy hat