Monday, May 9, 2016

Products to Borrow from Your Lady

(Photo from We Heart It)

It seems counterintuitive to use her products. After all, any product not marked "man" or "mens" won't be effective for you, right?

Well, that might not be the case. Facts are that women's products have to hold up and do their jobs or will be destroyed by word of mouth. Deodorants have to keep her dry and fresh all day, moisturizers must keep her skin soft and her hair smooth, cleansers must get as much daily sweat and grime off as possible. 

These tough products are strong enough for a woman, ergo, they are strong enough for you. Here are 9 products you can easy borrow from her and upgrade your dapper. 

Eyebrow Groomers
There is nothing better than properly groomed brows. Easy to use and found in a myriad of places, these little razors make sure that, when it comes to your brows, you will always have two.

Face Wash
Everyone with a face should be washing it. And, to be honest, as far as face washes go, again, the best ones as I've heard from guys, are in the beauty aisle. 

I remember a guy friend of mine telling me that he only wears women's deodorant in the summer because it simply worked better. I thought about it and had to agree. Women's deodorant not only keeps unnecessary underarm funk at bay, it also keeps ladies nice and dry (because who wants those weird wet mark underneath their arms?)

Body Oil
No one wants those dry spots on their hands or patches on their face. The wave of body oils out now handle any dryness without being too, well, oily. 

Face Moisturizer
It's specially made to keep your face smooth and supple without being to greasy. Added points because face moisturizers usually have SPF. 

Dry Shampoo
Need a quick refresher to keep your hair from smelling like your lunch time workout. This stuff will become your next best friend.

Hair Moisturizer
Because who wants dry, brittle hair? No one. I know plenty of guys who use women's hair moisturizers simply because they are better than their mens counterparts in offering what certain guys need for their hair. 

You notice she uses this before bed to keep her skin tones up. Why not slap a bit on before bed to wake up to a toner, firmer face. 

Because ashy skin is never good on anybody. Keep that skin smooth handsome.