Friday, May 6, 2016

Spring Thrift Haul

I haven't been on a major thrift shopping in a long while, and this one, like the others wasn't planned. I simply was leaving work on Friday and decided to stop by my favorite Thrift Store. 
I did something unusual this day, however. What I usually do is a loop starting from the back to the front, avoiding the dollar room which is usually packed with fellow thrifters. This room in the past is picked over. 

However, this day, there was virtually no one in the dollar room and the racks were PACKED with goodies, and I was psyched. 

Here's what I got:

Forever 21 Harem Pants and Pencil Skirt
Zara High/Low Top
Uniqlo Button Down
H&M Long Sleeve Knit
Nameless Sleeveless Cardi

Expected brands and labels you would expect at the thrift, but cute duds none the less. 

But, here's where it gets good.

Eileen Fisher Cardi- Usually priced over $200, for me $1

Vince Light Knit Long Sleeve: Usually priced around $295. For me, $1

J Crew Top with the tags still on, priced at $80. For me, $8

Calvin Klein Faux Wrap Dress, usually priced at $130, I paid $6.

Michael Kors Rain Coat, tags still on and being sold at Macy's right now for around $125, for me $14.

I even managed to snag some dapper duds for the boo including a Scotch and Soda Sweater and Valentino Button Down, both pricey brands in and of themselves, and both I purchased for $1 each. 

So, because I did something different, I managed to leave the thrift with about $1000 worth of goodies for a grand total of $39.

I would say that it was a great shopping day.