Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: Must Have Drugstore Beauty Products

Gone are the days when you had to spend a fortune on your beauty products to get quality. Now, while going to your local pharmacy, you can find amazing beauty products for a fraction of what you would pay at a make up shop or fancy beauty subscription. 

Don't believe me? Here are my top 14 drugstore high quality, low budget stapes that might make you change you mind. 

Both of my amazing stylists recommended these for my usually dry hair. And I haven't looked back since. This right amount of moisture without weighing my tresses down and leaves my locks feeling salon styled. 

Every girl has her polish brand. I'm an Essie girl. But I'm also clumsy so waiting for my nails to dry usually ends with smudged polish and me either frantically trying to fix it or quitting all together. So when Essie came out with nail art stickers, I was in manicure heaven. Easy to apply and no drying time. 
I've been washing my face with the same stuff since high school. And this is it. This cream cleanser goes on smooth and gets deep down into the pores to polish and clean out the dirt and oil and leaves a tingly feel that makes me feel so clean. 

Dove body wash has been a staple since college. Whether keeping my typically dry skin moisturized during winter or refreshing it in summer, it's the perfect body wash. And you get a huge amount for a fraction of what you would pay for lesser amounts of the fancier brands.
I'm not really into lipsticks, but NYX has created the perfect one for me in their Liquid Suede. My favorite shade is Soft Spoken, my perfect nude lip. Goes on smooth, lasts for hours, comes in bomb colors, costs $7. I say why not.

Dove deodorant sprays have been a God send for me, a sweatier version of a woman. It keeps me feeling dry and fresh LITERALLY all daggone day. 

Micellar water has become my lazy girl jam this year. I use it at the end of the day to wipe my face down before bed. Leaves me feeling fresh faced and clean. 
Speaking of perfect lippies, I am in love with these. They are as they say: soft, matte, and creamy. These are my evening out go to, especially their wine color "Copenhagen" (which is super hard to find so if you do, stock up.)
I've been wearing this stuff since high school. $6 for a lip balm, skin moisturizer, you name it, this stuff does it (think of a super chic Vaseline.)
For an eye pencil novice like me, this smooth gliding pencil goes in like butter and stays put  baring a sudden deluge. This pencil probably should cost 4 times its price m, but I'm very grateful it's super affordable.
I have been using the transparent version of this stuff forever for my brows. Yep, my brows. It's great as a brow gel and the wand is perfect for shaping.

This stuff was a relatively new find, but I am in love with it. It's like a padded bra for your eyelashes, giving them a little extra umph for what's already there. 

I don't care how strong your eye makeup is, this stuff is going to get it off. Hulk strength on make up but gentle as water on the eyes. 
Yep, baby wipes. Seriously, these bad boys are perfect for a mid day face refresh, removing smudges, etc. and they sell them in these resealable packages that are both mommy/not a mommy friendly. 

These are all of my drugstore go tos. What are the products you're living right now? Leave your faves in the comment boxes below!