Saturday, June 18, 2016

Last Minute Genius Father's Day Gift

Father's Day is upon us, good people. And if you're anything like me (hopefully you are not) you haven't nabbed the right gift yet. You're slightly panicking, your procrastination hasn't been because you don't love your dadly dude, but rather because you've simply had other stuff to do. Until today. Now, with mere hours until Father's Day, you feel like you're running out of options (and moments for creativity).

But before you surrender to the tie section of your local department store, may I suggest another, more thoughtful route.

You're going to craft him a box. Yep, you are. And you're going to do a great job too (i have faith in you). Grab a small box, preferably a masculine looking one. A simple tin one (you can find it at the craft store for cheap) will do. While you're there, get some box filling. If you can't find any (or don't want to pay good money for shredded paper), shredded newspaper will do just as well.

Then, really think about your dad. What are his likes? What are his needs? For example, if he works hard with his hands, fill the box with things that will preserve them, like a new pair of work gloves and Burts Bees hand moisturizer. If your dad likes to read, grab him a bookstore gift card and place it in one of those gift sized tiny classic books they sell (usually near the greeting cards).

Finally, write him a note. Seriously. Hand written anything these days are so rare, and it adds a final beautiful personal touch even the toughest dads will appreciate. Close the box and call it a great gift.

Not feeling too crafty? Thats cool. No judgment either. Here are some pre-made tins for the father in your life. Happy Father's Day y'all. 

10 Tins Under $50 for Fathers Day