Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, July 13th

Hump day greetings and salutations loves!

Todays Readables feature 10 beauty products that cost less than your next Starbucks drink, 5 size inclusive workout brands, the tall girl's guide to dressing well, the back to basics guide to cleaning your makeup brushes, 100 very cute swimsuits for every size, 7 pro beauty hacks that are super easy, and what not to wear when it's really hot.

Byrdie: 10 cheap beauty products
Refinery29: Size inclusive activewear lines, the tall girl's guide to dressing well
Fashionista: How to actually clean your makeup brushes
BuzzFeed: 100 super cute swimsuits, 7 easy beauty hacks 
WhoWhatWear: What not to wear when its super hot