Thursday, July 14, 2016

When adding Pokemon to Fashion ads actually makes them better...

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a DigLit for the past week, you have heard of the sheer takeover that is Pokemon GO. The U.S. has completely gone bonkers for it with people actually talking to strangers and meeting friends, exploring there cities and towns, and getting exercise while playing. This app has literally made children out of what was well respected grown ups in only a week’s worth of time. The scavenger hunt like app has users catching them all from public transit to the boardroom and even in church.

Confession: I downloaded it soon as I heard about it, memories of childhood spent collecting and trading (but never actually dueling coincidentally) Pokemon cards compelling my app store download. Lets just say that my collection back then was way better than the one I'm finding now ( seriously, please no more Rattata or Pidgeys).

It would only be a matter of time before this epic game infiltrated fashion. As I shared on BuzzFeed,  the Tumblr PokeXFashion, brainchild of  Canadian stylist only known as Francis, combines typical fashion advertisements and spreads with our favorite pocket monsters. 

The result? Pure epicness. In my opinion, these ads are actually improved (and, in a few cases, make more sense) with the addition of the Pokemon. Although it has been a while since Francis has posted something, given the climate of PokeFever, Im sure he would approve of a PokeFashion takeover. So, here are the best of these Pokemon Fashion ads. If you're a fan (like I've become) check out PokeXFashion for yourself!