Sunday, August 14, 2016

Completely unexpected ways to style your white tee for an event

Now that we have talked about how any woman, no matter her body shape or size, can slay her basic white tee and jeans and how to make your white tee office and work friendly.

Today, we are going to talk something totally different: How to jazz up your plain white tee for a party. 

No, there will be no cutting, tearing, or mutilation of any kind to our precious and comfy white tees. All you need are the right pieces to pair with, add to, and pile on and you will be ready for a party, and event, maybe even a gala. 

These aren't your basic looks. There won't be any stuffing into a pencil skirt or slipping into black skinny pants and pumps for this style guide. When I say different, I really mean it, from a perfect look for a picnic to a grand look for a gala. Whatever you choose, you will stand out in the best possible way.

Here are 8 really unexpected ways to style your white tee for even the most dressy events.

(Photo from Pinterest)