Friday, August 12, 2016

How to slay a white tee at work

Yes, I know its Friday and you literally just left your job for the weekend. But here me out. 

As we talked about yesterday, your white tees are for more than just running errands, working out, or cleaning your house. 
But, your white tee is actually perfect for more than just pairing with your favorite denim. You actually can rock your white tee for work. Seriously! You can go cute and flirty by tucking it into an adorable skirt. The white tee is the perfect top for heading to the office in the summer time. 
At the very least, its the most versatile top in your summer wardrobe. You can go sleek and chic in high waisted pants. You can vest it up or let it stand alone. If you get a long enough one, you can wear it all by itself. 
However you choose to style it, make it your own. Here are 11 stylish ideas on how to make your plain white tees ready for work. Here are 11 super cute ways to slay a white tee look at work for the summer.
(Photo from Pinterest)