Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Noted: Affordable Lovely Notebooks

I. Love. Beautiful notebooks. It may just be me and my obsessive need to always have paper nearby combined with my love for stylish things, but I am never so inspired as when I have a beautiful notebook by my side.

Of course, like all things, I don't believe in forking over a ton of may green paper for lined and ruled paper, so I grab mine either on sale or for uber cheap. My latest love is a partially copper dipped marble printed notebook from Primark. It was so chic and cheap (coming in at a grand $2.50) I went ahead and snagged two!

Here is a round up of other notebooks I wouldn't mind scoring. Perfect for back to school shopping of all ages (I mean, I may have ended my school career over 10 years ago, but I'll always be a student, therefore back to school for me too!) Keep your notes organized (and stylish)


(Photo from We Heart It)

Noted: Affordable Lovely Notebooks