Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, August 23rd

Happy Tuesday beauts!

This week #TuesdayShoesDay features the Converse style no one is talking about, 6 pairs perfect for summer to fall, velvet shoes ready for autumn, how style editors are saying their loafers, the ugly shoes celebs are clamoring for, the perfect pairs if you have weird shaped feet, the shoes we all wore in the 2000's are back, the Vogue approved eco friendly flats, perfect pair prepped for fall, over 30 pairs of super cute socks worth showing off, and 5 stylish shoes to pair with your summer wear.

The Converse shoe style no one talks about
6 shoe styles to take you from summer to fall
Pairs to satisfy your velvet shoe wants
How style editors style their loafers
The ugly shoe all the celebs are loving
The perfect shoes for weird shaped feet
These shoes from 2000's are back
Vogue approved eco friendly flats
The perfect shoe for autumn transitioning
31 pairs of super cool socks
5 stylish shoes to pair with your summer outfits