Friday, August 5, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, August 5th

Happy Friday all!

Lets close out the week with fun Readables featuring 7 affordable beauty lines that actually work, 52 ingenious fashion hacks, 13 natural hair do's when its too hot to do your hair, how Pat McGrath's lip launch is putting all other fancy lip kits to utter shame, the best highlighters money can by, and why every curvy girl should check out Lovesick.

The Zoe Report: 7 affordable beauty brands that are actually good
BuzzFeed: 52 fashion hacks, 13 natural do's
Fashionista: How Pat McGrath's lip launch is shaming all other lip launches
Byrdie: The best highlighters money can buy
Refintery29: Lovesick is the brand curvy girls have been waiting for