Thursday, August 11, 2016

The T-Shirt: How to kill it in your plain tee and jeans

Is there anything more versatile than a plain white t-shirt? 

I think not. You can go classic and casual with jeans and kicks. You can go cute and flirty by tucking it into an adorable skirt. You can go beauty keen with printed shorts and a floppy hat. Or you can go avant grade with a statement skirt ready to slay.

But the T-shirt really doesn't get much love from the fashion crowd though it's probably the most versatile top, and could be the most versatile piece of clothing anyone can own, period.

So, I've decided its high time the Tee gets the press it deserves. Starting today, I am diving into a three part series on the glories of the t-shirt.  

Today, we are talking the combo of all wardrobe combos, the white tee and jeans. Comfortable and functional, there isn't anything more people would rather wear than some good denim and a soft tee.

But this look is way more than just an easy outfit for running errands or doing chores. With a few stylish additions and a few clever adjustments, white tees and jeans can create some of the best outfits you’ll wear. Whatever you choose, this wardrobe essential is right there with you, ready for whatever your mood or style demands. 

Here are ways to slay a white tee and jeans. 

Tomorrow, we talk all the ways to wear a white tee to work.