Monday, August 8, 2016

Wrist Takers: Men's Bracelets under $50

Bracelets are one of those tricky things for guys, that, if done poorly, can make you look like a complete dork. Weird color combinations, awkwardly dainty pieces, or the common guy bracelet sin, overstocking, has made many a well meaning guy fail at the adornments

However when styled, coordinated, and, yes, even stacked well, these wrist ornaments can instantly upgrade your look from dud to dapper. Here are some style guidelines to help you our in your bracelet quest:

1) 2 colors max: This isn't your mother's murano pandora bracelet, this is yours, dude. Keep all the colors to a minimum
2) No huge baubles: You aren't playing dress up, you are adding to your own style. Keep it simple
3) No dainty pieces: Look for thicker leathers and lines for your wrist wear.
4) 3 bracelets max in a stack: We aren't 14 years old anymore. Grown guys do stack, but they keep that stack to 3 bracelets or less. 
5) Have fun: bracelets are a cool accessory not enough guys wear. Follow the above rules and make a look that is all your own.

Here are 13 really good examples of a guy's bracelet done right, all under 50 bucks. Enjoy. 

Men's Bracelets under $50