Monday, September 19, 2016

12 Easy Menswear Looks for Early Fall

Fall officially begins this week. It's the season of crisp air, cool mornings, and cozy evenings.

But, if you live anywhere like where I do, the calendar and the weather don't often agree. Instead of whipping out your thickest sweaters when it still feels more like late spring, the best thing to do is to slowly tradition with the weather we have as opposed to the weather the calendar says we should have.

This is easier done than said. Simply pairing some of your Summer items with a few fall touches does the job for you. Trade your shorts in for a pair of dark wash jeans and pair with your Sperrys or Chucks and top with a light weight plaid button down or long sleeve cotton tee, boom, you've got an easy early fall look.

Here are 12 more early fall ideas from Pinterest to help you in keep your dapper in this transitional season.