Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, Sept. 6th

Happy Tuesday Beauts and Beaus!

This #TuesdayShoesDay, we are talking celebrity loved flats, three types of heels every woman should own, products to make your feet less smelly, the zoo with over 6000 people on a waiting list that you probably already own, 100 years of women shoe styles in under three minutes, why you actually have foot pain, the backstory behind the most popular fashion girls sneaker, and the latest boot trend is a flashback from the Spice Girls.

Celebrity loved flats
Three types of heels all women should own
Smelly feet products
The shoe with a 6K+ waiting list
100 years of women's shoe styles in 3 minutes
Why you actually have foot pain
The backstory behind Stan Smiths
The latest boot trend is a flashback