Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Find: All Choked Up

The choker has returned from the 90's with vengeance.

Whether simple as a basic string or strap, or bedazzled and ultra glam, chokers are taking over the necks of everyone from shop girls to celebs as a major summer trend now moving into fall.

The variety is as wide as the price range. Girls are shoveling out cash to grab the latest in neckwear to capture the trend.

Not so with you, Reclaimed Reader. I'm going to let you in on a major way to score the choker look without parting ways with all of your hard earned money.

Today and today only, Mirina Collections is putting all of its chokers on Flash Sale (with a few other gorgeous items).

If they sound familiar, You will remember Mirina from the stunning necklace post from this past New Year's and several other posts I have written about them. So, when I say that these gorgeous necklaces, as well as shades and some other goodies are going on MAJOR sale, it means that its time to stock up.

And did I say no shipping? Oh yeah, there is also no cost to ship. Flash sale, free shipping,how could it get better?

How about a further discount? Use code WHITNEY20 to grab an additional percentage off of your purchase.

{Side note: If you're on my Reclaimed VIP, you heard about the massive sale already and received a few extra bonuses. (If you aren't, what are you waiting for? You can sign up right now to the right of this blog and never miss a post or goodie again!)}

Enjoy beauts! And happy Friday!