Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Chic Office

If there is anything that inspires creativity and innovative thought, it is a clean, organized, and, well, pretty work space.

Imagine it: useful and chic items cover the office. Papers are neatly stored in pretty folders held by stylish racks. Inspirational and humorous art adorns the walls. Cute pushpins hold notes in place on a cork board. Lovely pens and pencils fill a lovely holder. A relaxing candle emits a gentle fragrance. Music lightly serenades the space.

It sounds like creative heaven (at least for me).

Well, I intend to make this heaven on earth. I have been redoing my own work space to illustrate all of these elements (I do work mostly from home now). I don't just want items that are useful, but ugly as sin. At the same time, I don't want to have bunch of pretty but useless items (here's looking at you, Primark marble 2 ring binder. Like why?)

So, I've rounded up some future purchases that will help me give birth to my next ultimate creative space. These are the items I am currently stalking, all under 50 bucks a pop. Thought if I liked them this much, maybe you stylish people would too.

Enjoy loves!

The Chic Office