Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dear Fashion, No More Ugly Shoes

I may be one of the few in fashion who will say this but I think that the MiuMiu lace up flats are some of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen. And yes, most fashionistas are clamoring to snag a pair as many hailed them as the shoes of the season.

Not me.

And then there was the incident of Christopher Kane sending models down the runway at London Fashion week wearing, of all things, Crystal encrusted Crocs.


I know people probably said the same thing about Toms, Converse, and definitely about Uggs. However, each of those have proven their staying power and their ability to adapt to tastes and trends.

The ugly shoe moment has definitely hit its pinnacle with the punked out Miu Mius and the Crystal covered crocs.

Look, shoes are supposed to do two things: be comfortable and be fashionable. And while crocs and flat are traditionally comfortable, the aesthetics (or lack thereof) really leave something to be desired.

And I get it! Fashion is supposed to be where ours can take risks. Do you remember those superhigh and pointy shoes that Lady Gaga love so much that she wore, only to collapse in front of the paparazzi? My point has been made.

What happened to practicality? What happened to being useful? And if any piece of clothing should be both of these, it should be shoes. After all, what good is a weird shoe if you can't walk in it?

In my case, in the aforementioned shoes above, what good are they if you don't want to walk in them.

So please, fashion people. Please do us a favor. Please go back to creating things that are both functional and fashionable again.

We miss both.

(Photos from We Heart It)