Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Date Ideas

"Let's take a ride." Earl said randomly to me one grey Saturday afternoon.

I hopped into his car and we hit the road. After about an hour drive, we arrived in an adorable hilly town. The streets were busy with families and friends taking in the crisp and slightly misty air. He led me to the a small bbq spot there and after a bone warming and belly filling meal, we took back to the small and winding streets.

We kicked leaves, we talked about nothing at all, we made each other laugh. And we enjoyed autumn.

That had to have been one of my favorite dates we've had.

Autumn is great time to treat take your significant other to an unusual but fun array of dates without spending a ton of cash on another fancy dinner or trying to find a movie you both actually like. Simply taking in toe colors, sounds, and flavors of autumn makes for a fun time you both can experience and discover together.

Here are ideas on fun and affordable date ideas while enjoying autumn.

-Attend a local flea market
-Bundle up for a picnic
-Visit a local brewery or winery for a tasting
-Go on a hike
-Visit a pumpkin patch
-Go to a local football game
-Great your own historical walking tour
-Go apple picking
-Shop at a local farmers market
-Go to a fall festival
-Do a haunted house or ghost tour
-Take a random walk around your town or city

What are some of your favorite ideas for dates in the fall? Comment below!