Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Trends Under $50: Moody Florals

Fall is a season full of vibrant color. From the rainbow shades of the leaves to the bright hues of the sky, autumn has to be one of the most gorgeous of seasons.

But what doesn't come to mind when you typically think of fall are florals. Florals are often abandoned after the last summer day. However, florals, like most prints, should not be confined to a season.

Fall is not time to abandon your florals but to embrace their vibrant shades and wear them as the season deams fit.
-Choose richer colors of florals instead of the typical pastels that would be better suited for spring.
-Keep your floral pieces in mind with your autumn wardrobe. Choose pieces that will keep you warm and chic.

Here are some pieces under $50 that will help you on your floral search.

Fall Trends Under $50: Moody Florals