Friday, October 14, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, October 14th

Happy Friday beauts and beaus!

Today's Readables feature the importance of seeing women  like you in media, the magical makeup brushes you need to see, why Winnie Harlow is your next big inspiration, how Michelle O perfectly describes what women everywhere feel about Trump's words, 30 minute meals that are not pasta, 27 ways to eat healthy on a budget, and 29 pieces of gorgeous dainty jewelry.

WhoWhatWear: Winnie Harlow is your next style inspo
Refinery29: The importance in seeing women like you in media, Harry Potter makeup brushes
The Cut: Michelle Obama said everything we wanted to about the Trump assault allegations
BuzzFeed: 30 minute meals that aren't pasta, 29 pieces of dainty jewelry, 27 ways to eat healthy on a budget