Monday, October 3, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, October 3rd

Happy Monday and welcome to October.

Let's kick off the month with #ManCrushMonday features 10 ways to do business casual, 10 business casual wardrobe essentials you probably already own, 4 pairs of pants dudes need for the cold weather, a look back on President Obama's style, essential online menswear shops, some of the weirdest grooming products for guys, tough hand creams, and the lead Pastor who won't say "all lives matter."

Menswear Style: Weird grooming products, tough hand creams
Racked: Essential online menswear shops
Dappered: 4 pairs of mens pants
Huff Post: Pres. Obama's style 
He Spoke Style: 10 ways to do business casual for fall, 10 business casual essentials 
Relevant Mag: Hillsong's Pastor on why they are not saying "all lives matter"