Friday, October 7, 2016

Things To Know Before Buying Vintage Handbags

I don't know if it is my burgeoning appreciation for vintage handbags because of opening The Reclaimed Vintage or my recent awakening as a thrifter and vintage shopper, but I amorally falling for vintage bags. The structure, the details, the patina only time can give you, the lived in feel, all are aspects I am seeking in my current quest for my next vintage conquest: a Kelly Style Bag.

The Kelly bag is an Hermes staple, only second to the Hermes Birkin. It is the peak bag of sophistication and class, and costs more than I am comfortable spending on a bag.

So, I have taken to my favorite online sources for vintage; namely Ebay, Poshmark, and Etsy to find a vintage version of the Kelly style bag. So far, so good in my search, but that's because (after years of trial and lots of error) I know what to look for. From interior to hardware to materials, here are some tips to finding your vintage bag without the heartbreak.

-Check the interior
Older bags usually have lots of wear and tear. Check the inside of your bag to make sure that there is not ink, makeup, or anything else that would make your bag less than chic.

-Check the hardware
Hardware wears out and gets scratched over time. If you don't mind this, vintage is for you.

-Check the materials
Vintage bags are usually made of great materials (hence why they have survived so long) but vintage style bags are not necessarily made of the same stuff. Make sure you check what the bag is made of

-Ask for additional pictures
Whenever you order items off of resale sites from private sellers, there is nothing wrong with asking for more pictures. It helps you see all of the details that you would normally see if you had the bag in your hands.

-Don't be scared to negotiate price.
All resale sites have an option to negotiate prices. You just have to look for sellers who offer price negotiations.

Hope these tips help you find the vintage bag of your dreams.

(Photos from We Heart It)