Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: 3 secret ways dozens of fashionistas are getting designer pieces for cheap

The Reclaimed is definitely a great locale for all things affordably fashionable and accessibly beautiful. I don't believe in creating a life that prices people out of their best lives. So, it then, it simply makes sense that all items I resale would also fit into that belief.

And they do. The majority of the items I sell are under $50, most are way less. And that has nothing to do with condition. I sell new and gently used items in and affordable range. Why? Because I strongly believe that no one should be condemned toner enjoying little luxuries simply because of their economic status.

I started The Reclaimed Vintage, yes to pedal off the great stuff that I was finding onto fashionable mavens for beyond affordable prices. But I also created it because I was tired of high end vintage and high quality vintage online shopping being so pricey, that it couldn't reach the people who loved it the most without them spending their savings.

I wanted to create an environment where my favorite readers and friends could snag gently used designer goods, often bags, accessories, and jewelry, for prices they wanted to pay. And you have responded so kindly. Since launching almost a month ago, the response has been so great, I am honestly and sincerely floored. I am super grateful for how you all have not only supported my little shop by following on Instagram, but that you have been snagging goodies left and right and have left good reviews and even told your friends. You guys are seriously the best.

If you still haven't checked out The Reclaimed Vintage, seriously, what are you waiting for? Between my Poshmark closet and my eBay listings, you have prime access to high end sale and high quality vintage without all of the digging through piles of thrift or combining racks of resale. I do the digging, you get the goods for a price you can brag about. Check us out and find your goods today.