Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why You Cant Be Afraid by the Hate Crimes Spike In Post Trump Election

Things are getting kind of crazy guys. I don't have to tell you that following the fallout post Trump election, there have been a rash of racially and gender motivated crimes and assaults. The gross and vile occurrences only further prove the reality that we were never in a post racial America, we were just blinded to it.

While responsible news outlets such as the New York Times called on Trump to denounce hate, there has definitely been a major spike in hate crimes since Tuesday's election, despite what Elizabeth Brown of Reason has falsely reported. Even the BBC is also reporting the huge spike in hate crimes since election night. The newly set up Southern Poverty Law Hate Watch website has already had over 200 reports of racist and bigoted events against women and people of color.

Here are just a few of those events:
Swastikas in Philly
Racist messages sent to Black Freshmen's phones at Penn
University of Oklahoma student expelled over racist messages
Racism captured in local PA and Michigan schools and nations streets
Teacher makes racial remark to Black students
Assault and robbery of a Muslim Woman in San Diego
Swastikas at Canisius College in New York
Black Doll hung from elevator at Canisius College
Racial slurs cover bathroom in Minnesota school

Meanwhile, known hate groups are gloating at all of the happenings. Andrew Anglin, leader of The Daily Stormer, a neo-nazi site had this to say "“I am of course against any violence against these people,” he wrote. “However, I do think you should yell at them. We want them to feel that everything around them is against them. And we want them to be afraid.”

Well, I don't want you to be afraid. I am not afraid of cowards who hide beneath bed sheets and antiquated symbols of an already defeated regime. I am not afraid, and I encourage you to not be afraid. These events are the expressions of nothing more than cowardly bullies trying desperately to revive the fragile and frail spirits of White Supremacy and Male Dominance in a woke and diverse culture that, together, can destroy both.

I don't share these stories to scare you, but to awaken you to the realities that lie ahead of us. We have seen, some of us with our own eyes, the devastation of racism and the sting of bigotry, and the pain of misogyny. It is in that vein together where we unite, those of us who have been hurt and those of us who have not, to do right as human beings and continue to fight hate.

Now is not the time to shrink back, afraid of the ghosts of civil right's struggles past. No. Now is the time to face this already beaten monster, to organize, and to deal the final death blows to the beast, and become the nation we always knew we could be. The truly United States of America.