Friday, November 11, 2016

People are using The Lion King to cope with the election and it'sawesome

To say the past few days have been a swirl of surreal disappointment is a major understatement.

Randomly, I began to think of Disney's The Lion King. How this moment in history must have been what the protagonist, Simba must have felt like when Mufasa, the good, wise, and pretty funny king was defeated by his sinister, power hungry, and inexperienced brother, Scar.

For any one who was young when the lion King came out, you are still dealing with the absolute trauma of when the Mufasa died, The piercing anguish of watching scar take leadership over pride rock, and absolute sadness that fell on you seeing Simba flea for his life from Scar's underlings the hyenas. Kind of how a lot of us feel right now, many of us were in the right place for the right thing to happen, and it didn't. Disillusioned, a lot of us are still trying to figure out what happened and, more importantly, why.

We also know the absolute victorious joy we see when Simba finally take his place following scars defeat after he and his rag tag band of friends, all different but all together, fought together and won. And I think that's the place we need to get to. Remembering that we are, in fact, stronger together and will only win together.

Apparently I'm not the only one who put these two together.Here are a few memes of some folks who agree. Hope they make you laugh. Hope they make you think.

First, we have to remember who started all of this:

And how we all view the election that was a nightmare:

Then there is how most of us are feeling right now:

And how our neighbors are looking at us:

However you see it, we've got a lot to do. Stay encouraged and hakuna matata