Monday, November 7, 2016

Vote for America Tomorrow

Hey guys.

Tomorrow is a critical day in the history of our country. I would say pivotal. It is the day we choose the next leader of our country. This is a huge deal and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Let's say you are an employer.

You have two resumes before you from two different candidates. The first resume you read through boasts of promises, but there isn't a single bit of proof that this candidate has ever worked in your arena, let alone any proof that they could handle this high pressured job this candidate is applying for. In fact, other than the pages of promises, there is not one single qualification to show that this person is even capable for this job. There was a haphazard list of references attached to this resume, but the people who filled this list were questionable themselves.

You set the first resume aside and lift to your eyes the second one. This one is full of not only great qualifications, but the ideal qualifications for this position. Attached to this glowing resume, the second candidate had an extensive list of references. This list included people who were in the position that this second candidate was working to get, each giving this second candidate, each telling  you that this candidate is not a perfect candidate, but that this second candidate works hard and does the best that this candidate can.

Who would you choose, based upon resume alone?

Anyone who has ever done hiring would say 10 times out of 10 they would choose the second resume hands down. Well, that's what we are doing tomorrow. We are choosing the ideal candidate for the job. And there is only one candidate who has the resume, the references, the qualifications, the temperament, the maturity, the tenacity, and the overall demeanor for the position of President of the United States of America.

What will your answer be?

There is simply too much at stake to be laced or lazy. As our current President, Barack Obama has said, we need to think about what is on the ballot.

"Civility is on the ballot.
Tolerance is on the ballot. 
Courtesy is on the ballot. 
Honesty is on the ballot. 
Equality is on the ballot. 
Kindness is on the ballot. 
All the progress we made in the last eight years is on the ballot. 
Democracy itself is on the ballot."

Your vote tomorrow either votes for or against these ideals. Your vote tomorrow will either send us backward into regression, division, and immaturity or into the progressive direction forward to the United States that we can be. What we've always professed to be and can progress to be.

Tomorrow, vote with your conscious. I encourage each of you who are able to vote to vote for the best course for our nation.

Our future as a people depends on it.