Monday, December 19, 2016

The Not-So-Ugly Sweater Guide

What would the holiday season be without a good ugly swear?

Well, to be honest, probably stylish. When talking to my Earl this part weekend about a recent ugly sweat party he went to (without an ugly sweater) he rationale was that he has never owned (and probably wouldn't ever own something classified as "ugly", simply because he chose to keep his wardrobe stylish.

This may not seem revolutionary for you, but being from a climate and city where ugly sweaters reign, it was a revolutionary thought for me. That got me to thinking, how many dapper gents out there choose to opt out of the party simply because they do not own and will  not ever buy an ugly sweater? That also got me wondering how many patterned sweaters out there would be perfect for those stylish gents, especially those under $50.

And all that wondering gathered eight such sweaters, perfectly festive for the holiday season, yet stylish enough to wear even when the holiday season is well over. Happy holidays man-friends!

The Not-So-Ugly Sweater Guide