Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#TuesdayShoesDay: How To Thrift The Perfect Flats

It had been literally over a month since my last thrift visit. Seriously, October was the last time I saw the inside of any store for anything other than essentials. So, when I found myself with the unusual combination of both extra time and cash, I figured why not stop in. 

After perusing my favorite sections, turning up empty handed, I looked in a section that I typically avoid due to the usual past disappointments, the shoe section. 

As I turned passed the color coded heels, a pair of flats caught my eye. Pointed toe flats have a special place in my heart, and these looked like they were barely even worn enough to end up at the thrift. 
Then I spotted the label. Loeffler Randall, as in the creators of the epitome of pointed flats. And these were no exception. Silver flecked snake skin embossed with black undertones make them the perfect pair to wear from the boardroom to the dance floor and everywhere in between. 

Tips for thrifting your own dream shoes:

-Be patient: you may not find them the first time you go thrifting. Be patient and don't quit.

-Don't be afraid to dig: A pile of random shoes may look ominous, but don't be afraid to dig in there. You may find gold!

-Keep your eyes peeled!: Look through the entire show section. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that jumps out at you.

Instead of keeping these beauts for myself, I've decided to be the Christmas Thrift Elf and list these in my shop. That's right. You have the chance to own a $245 pair of awesome gently preloved flats for nowhere near that price. 

Check out these and all of the amazingly gorgeous finds I have listed in the shop.