Friday, January 13, 2017

Chic Pieces Every Sailor Moon Fan will Love
Some shows from childhood just stick with you. The 90's heroine Sailor Moon is one of those. This Japanese import taught girls all around the world to keep your circles small, keep your friends close, to right wrongs and triumph over evil, all in a killer outfit.

Her powerful friends were the ultimate squad goals, her man's can out dapper any dude running, and she proved that even clumsy and, well, sort of emotional girls can still lead the pack.

A serious trend setter, she was wearing chokers, over the knee boots, and bad ass pins long before most of us were even thinking of wearing them. However, it is pretty frowned upon to run around in full Sailor Moon gear, no matter how cool the moon tiara or the crescent wand may be.

Even still, there are many ways to show your love as a moonie as an adult. From gorgeous make up to stationary, right down to pins and cool t-shirts, indulge your moon love. Check out my piece on BuzzFeed for the full list of Sailor Moon goodies every grown up fan will love.