Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reclaimed Readables. January 11th

Happy hump day loves!

Today's Readables feature chic ways to layer your sweaters beneath your favorite dresses, 10 nude lipsticks for darker skin tones, the epic Beyoncé/Solange interview, the unexpected best beauty products for the girl on a budget, products that every grown Sailor Moon fan will love, 15 struggles every woman can relate to, and how one woman overcame being sexually trafficked.

The Things: 15 struggles every woman knows
BuzzFeed: Products every grown Sailor Moon fan will love
Career Girl Daily: Best unexpected budget beauty products
Refinery29: 1 woman overcame human trafficking
WhoWhatWear: Beyoncé interviews Solange
BGLH: 10 nude lipsticks for dark skin tones
The Cut: How to layer a sweater and dress