Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Birthday Goodies

It's my Birthday!

So, naturally, I want to share all of the goodies with you (what good is it to have all the birthday fun alone. Nope, I am not talking cupcakes and an office party. I am talking Birthday freebies that took full advantage of today (and that you too can take advantage of on your own birthday. While all of these do require membership in order to partake in the goodies, the memberships are free to sign up, so what do you really have to lose (other than a Birthday without presents)?

Here are the six birthday goodies I am most excited about.

Sephora: There are a MILLION beautiful reasons to be a Sephora Beauty insider, but my favorite is that on your birthday, they will treat you to a sweet mini set of your choice. And this isn't any beauty products they are handing you. Two years ago, they handed out NARS lip pencils, last year's treat was Marc Jacob's minis, and this year? Well I won't spoil the surprise, but there is literally no reason not to be a VIB.

Anthropologie: This dreamy luxurious store of all things boho chic gives their members 15% off any purchase during your birth month. Treat yourself to something lovely and unique.

Starbucks: My favorite spot gives birthday members a free drink or treat on their birthdays (lasts only for a few days though, so once you see it pop up, make it a point to head over to Starbucks to use it or lose it.)

CVS: This pharmacy gives all its beauty club members $3 "extrabucks". That's like getting that NYX Liquid Suede for the price of a pack of Trident. Yeah, sign up.

Ulta: Another great place for all your beauty needs, this beauty shop offers you a free birthday gift during your birth month. Admittedly, I am new to Ulta, but will try it out later this week to let you beauts know what kind of goodies you can get for your special day.

Cosi: Members get a free pastry on their birth month. Can we say yummy.

Here's a gift for you. 55+ other places you can get Birthday freebies courtesy of Time Mag. Now you have no excite not to get any birthday gifts.