Monday, February 13, 2017

ManCrushMonday: Chance The Rapper at the Grammys

If you missed last night's Grammys, you missed more than Beyoncé's matronly glow, Adele's transparent speech, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga's tributes, and all of the red carpet goods. You missed a major moment in musical history brought to us by Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, also known as Chance The Rapper.

Chance made Grammy history being the first Black artist since 1999 to win "Best New Artist". More impressively, Chance received all of his accolades without selling a single physical copy of his music. That's right. This independent artist is now a multi Grammy winner, all from digital downloads, therefore making it incredibly clear that good music, when supported, does succeed. 

But, as good as all of those accomplishments are, and they are good, they are not the reason we are left talking about Chance. Nope. It was his energetic performance of his song "How Great Is Our God". With this powerful performance, Chance, who is not a gospel artists, stands to prove that the Gospel can go forth, and it doesn't only spread by preachers on Sunday mornings, but from anyone who believes. Personally, for such a politically charged Grammys that served as only reminders of the problems we currently are having, a passionate reminder of the power of faith and the resolute strength in the name of Jesus was just what we needed. 

Check out the full performance featuring Gospel artists Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin.