Friday, February 10, 2017

So...I got invited to New York Fashion Week

I saw the invite, and I thought there was some mistake. Me? Getting invited to New York Fashion Week? Never. I didn't see it happening at all. But there was my name and there was the address for this blog. And I instantly plummeted into shock. Sheer shock, that as of today I am not quite sure I am totally out of.

If you would have told me 3 and a half years ago, this little blog would lead me to the big show over here in the states, I would have shook my head. I might have even laughed at the notion. But here I am today, booking my travel for my very first New York Fashion Week show.

Moment of transparency; I didn't really care for Fashion Weeks. The crowds, the peacocking of some of the industry professionals, the attitudes, the insanity, the clothes no one understands, the pretentiousness. I have made that point pretty clear here on more than one occasion, so I guess that is what makes this invitation even more interesting. However, my own perceptions of Fashion Week does not diminish the honor I have for being invited.

Millions of bloggers, hundreds of thousands of Fashion Bloggers that would love to cover a New York Fashion Week, thousands that will crash the shows just to get close, and I get invited by an actual brand. Yep, there goes that shock again.

You know what that means. You get to come along too. That's right. I will be documenting as much as I can of the experience. So if you follow me on my Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat just like I did for the Primark launch here in Philly.

Now, what to wear...stay tuned.