Wednesday, March 15, 2017

11 Easy Outfit Formulas for Late Winter/ Early Spring

If you have been outside in the last 3 weeks, you already know what a pain it is to dress for late winter/ early spring. This season change was particularly confusing in that the last two weeks of February felt like mid May with temperatures soaring above 65 degrees for days straight. Conversely, as soon as March decided to show up, it brought with it all of late February's weather, forcing us back into our parkas and snow boots. 

Needless to say, this is frustrating.

However, be encouraged, my confused friends. Warmer days are coming. Meaning you will eventually have to put the boots and coats away for good.

The question stands: how do we dress for the meantime. Here are 11 easy outfit formulas to keep you comfy (and on some days, cozy) in these weird pre Spring/post winter days.

Formula One: A Long cozy sweater+ a long sleeve tee+ jeans+ sneakers
 Formula Two: A monochrome bomber+a long sleeve tee+ skinny jeans+ stand out sneakers
 Formula Three: A black coat+ black hat+ black belted jumpsuit+ black heels and shades
 Formula Four: A fun coat+ a pale patterned top+ mom jeans+ matching socks+black sneakers
Formula Five: A black leather jacket+ a warm belted black dress+ stand out slip ons
 Formula Six: A close to the body leather jacket+ a graphic tee+ slouchy pants+ stand out sneakers
 Formula Seven: A warm top+ a midi skirt+ heels
 Formula Eight: A varsity jacket+black warm top+leggings+ shoes and a bag with a pop of color
 Formula Nine: A graphic sweatshirt+black leggings+ bright sneakers
 Formula Ten: A pale duster coat+ a bodysuit+ high waisted pants+pumps
 Formula Eleven: A classic trench+ a dark turtleneck+ fitted jeans+ and metallic flats
What do you think? What are your favorite outfit formulas for confusing weather? Comment below!