Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Date Ideas

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It is the rebirth of the outdoor season and the return of color. With all of the pretty things and the warmer temperatures happening outside, I think now is the perfect time to talk affordable and even a few free date ideas.

Remember, dates do not have to be expensive and Spring is the season for lovers after all. So whether you're a traditional guy leaning more toward a sweet picnic under the blooming trees or your the artsy type and you're thinking a photography walk with your sweet, grab your gal and get outside and create some memories.

Traditional Springtime Dates:
Walk in the park
Surprise picnic
A long bike ride

A Step Up:
Take a trip to your local horticultural center
Pack for a day long Music Festival
Attend a local Street Festival
Attend a spring carnival
Outdoor movie nights
Attend a local high school baseball game
Attend an outdoor plays

Two Birds, One Stone:
Visit a Flea market and see what treasures you find
Do some outdoor gardening together
Visit a Farmer's market to shop for your next meal together

Friendly Competition Dates:
Scavenger hunt
Go for a run or brisk walk together

Weather Be Damned:
Rainy day walk
Pick a windy day and go fly kites together

Dates for the Artsy:
Take your cameras outside
Do a little painting or drawing outside

There are literally dozens of great spring date ideas. What are some of your ideas? Comment in the box below!