Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thrifty Thursday: My Top Pieces from the Victoria Beckham X Target Collab

For Target collab loves (of which I find myself secretly a part of), the day has finally come when the much awaited Victoria Beckham X Target collaboration look book has been released. Target has this knack of finding just the right designers and creators to collab with, as many of you have read on here before and the Victoria Beckham collab will only up the ante on Target's style points. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice, proves her poshness indeed by creating some of the most elegant, stately, and chic womenswear that is around. 

Between you an I, I was honestly disappointed when I saw the full look book for her collection. Knowing her work for her own line and then seeing how the cookbook was styled game me major pause. I then headed over to the Target site to see all the pieces themselves, and now I am way more excited for the release of this collection, as well as disappointed in whomever directed this look book shoot for Victoria's collection. I mean, come on! There were some gorgeous pieces that were completely overlooked that screen Victoria Beckham for pieces that, honestly, look more super sweet Kate Spade/Lilly Pulitzer than edgy urban Victoria Beckham. All of the scalloping, overly girly frills, and knee skimming hems that are perfect for the kids portion of this release diminish the street chic of the adult pieces. I was so delighted to see that the majority of her collection stuck with her established aesthetic, one I personally feel that the cookbook failed to capture.

Anywho, Victoria Beckham pieces straight from her line to be the most pricy as well. With some of her clothes and accessories well over $700 mark (and selling out), Victoria Beckham is one designer many of us are happy to see collabing with Target. Her Target collection is definitely more affordable, with pieces topping out at $70 and the majority of the pieces hanging around between $20 and $40. 

Another plus about this line is that it also includes plus sizes as well!

Here are my top picks of the Victoria Beckham Target collection, available April 9th

Which pieces where your favorite? What did you think of the collection? Comment in the box below!