Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Express Yo' Self: Embroidered Pieces For Spring
Embroidery is here to stay and I personally am loving every ounce of it. From sweet words to sassy sayings, you can really express yourself. Feeling feminine or feminist? You can express both of those separately or together.

Here, we have talked jackets with some serious embroidery. But the trend has migrated from outerwear to dresses, chokers, even bodysuits are now bearing embroidered (and hilarious) words, phrases, and mood setters.

Whether you're an artsy Etsy fan, trendy Forever 21 lover, or classic ASOS gal, there are so many great (and of course affordable) pieces you can snag. Here are my picks for the warm up, all under $50.

Embroidered Pieces For Spring