Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WTH Gucci?

I remember being a kid on the 90's when jellies, a shoe that was made of transparent materials, often in very vibrant colors, hit the scene. Any girl in elementary school during those years know the instant cool that came over you as you slipped into your first pair of jellies. You probably also know the complete impracticality of the shoe. Girls often ended up with, at best, with super sweaty feet which made walking in these ridiculous shoes damn near impossible. Or, at worst, blisters and bombs of all kinds dude to the sheer irritation of the plastic like materials on the feet all day.

Needless to say, many of us were very happy when these went out of style (or we might have ended up tossing them out ourselves.

So when I saw that Gucci had resurrected this 90's trend, I was apprehensive (especially considering Gucci's prices for things). Here they are:

They aren't that bad (barring my memories of injuries while wearing them). I could see (while squinting hard) how a 90's girl could style these now.

But these aren't made for women.

Nope. The shoes that were once for little girls in elementary school are now being crafted for grown men. And cost $460. thats like $450 more than we paid for our versions back in the 90's.

Gucci. What. In. The. Heck are ya doing? Me personally, I have no desire to see these on the feet of my guy. No way. First, I would worry about the potential for blisters. But secondly, of what I am looking for and what I appreciate about my man, this shoe simply does not reflect. 

My disappointment mostly comes because Gucci has created such beautifully crafted clothing and shoes. To stoop this low makes me (and others who used to have full confidence in Gucci) at least raise an eyebrow, or at worst, quit on the brand all together.

What do you think? Let's talk! Do you love these? Hate these? Drop me a comment in the box below.