Friday, June 2, 2017

How we can still honor the Paris Climate Agreement

This morning, I had the chance in a rare moment of non busy-ness to go to my local produce market. I didn't realize what impact a quick errand for some fruits and veggies would have on me. I walked in to the store, wearing a mostly second hand outfit, carry a reusable tote that would later be filled with locally grown, minimally packaged groceries, and walked back home. It seems simple enough, but hidden intuit one statement is the truth of living an eco-friendly life.

Before I was a blogger, I used to be very passionate about ecological sustainability. I used to work for two great companies, Sustain Our Planet, and the Eco Geek Boutique, both which, coincidently got me started in my Social Media career while teaching me how to maintain a sustainable life.

And sustainable living is still a very important thing to me. My first two blogs were on how to be more eco friendly (they didn't do too well, mostly because I didn't trust myself to write them the way I have grown to write here). My faith even speaks to my love the planet, as I take Genesis 1:28 "...Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground." seriously, with an understanding that God has trusted us with the care and love of this planet, not only so we can continue to live off of it in a healthy, symbiotic way, but in order to leave it in a beautiful way to our children.

So when I heard that 45 had pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement, I was initially upset, and then it subsided, because, at this point, the grassroots movement of caring for the planet would be better served by the business, companies, organizations and ordinary citizens can, and will honor the US commitment and our commitment to this planet.

Living the sustainable life is completely possible. And you can be as sustainable and as eco friendly as you want to be. Here are my super easy tips on living green:

When at home:
Wash full loads of laundry
Take shorter showers
Recycle any left over packaging
Donate unwanted items instead of throwing them out
On cooler days or at night, open the windows instead of using the AC

When out and about:
Take public transportation
Or bike
Walk to close places

When at work:
Print less and go digital
Ask about having recycling bins
Ask about printing on recycled paper
Ask about installing CFL bulbs

When Shopping:
When you can, buy second hand
Only buy what you need
Buy items that use less packaging
Or no packaging at all

What are some of your sustainability tips? Drop them in the comments below!