Friday, July 7, 2017

Adidas Love: Adidas Pieces Under $50

It's no secret that one of the brands that gets major love here is Adidas.

I recently rediscovered my love for Adidas following the resurgence of their shell top shoes. I remember having a pair of these with baby blue stripes my first year of college (and being made fun of for how weird people thought they looked. Who's laughing now betches?) 

Not so many years later, and I find a pair of black stripe white Superstars just sitting on the shelf of my local Buffalo Exchange. I instantly grab them, made my way to the register,  and haven't taken them off ever since, except of course to slide into a pair of Adidas Duramo slides, which have taken the place of all of my Havaianas (for the moment).

Lately, it seems, no matter where I go, I find more Adidas. Not too long ago at the thrift, I found a Black with red and green accented jacket with the logo embroidered across the back. Snatched. A week or so later, I found not one but two Darth Vader Adidas tees at the same thrift in the Dollar room. Bought. Found this #Trouble tee at Burlington for like $9. Purchased. This past 4th of July holiday found me at the brand's outlet in Limerick dropping some cash on a few new trifoil tees, a trendy sports bra, and a crop top (wondering if I ever get the guts to wear it!)

So it came as no surprise to me that in a survey conducted by research and public perception firm, YouGov BrandIndex, Adidas would be in the top 10 brands rated coolest among us millennials alongside brands like Uber and Instagram. In fact, Adidas is the only fashion brand listed in the top 10.

In honor of the comfy, cool, and mostly affordable brand's takeover, here are my favorite pieces under $50.

Adidas Love: Adidas Pieces Under $50

Adidas Originals red jersey dress
$49 -

Adidas Originals tee dress
$54 -

Adidas originals tee
$40 -

Adidas activewear
$39 -

Adidas activewear top
$34 -

Adidas shoes

Adidas slide sandals
$47 -