Monday, August 7, 2017

Small Price Guide to Big Guy's Style

It seems almost more difficult to find good plus menswear as it is to find good plus women's wear. And by good, I mean stylish, handsome pieces that you would actually want to wear, not clothes that you have to wear.

It really is a shame that you have to look so hard for clothes worth wearing when you are not a sample size. (Like really, whats up with that? Do these brands not want our money, loyalty, or word of mouth simply because they cannot fathom creating good stuff to wear for those of us who happen to be larger? Cure face palm)

No-one wants to be forced to wear the clothes they have to wear due to lack of fit in the clothes they want to wear. And definitely no body wants to go broke trying to be stylish.

So, after last week's piece on my favorite brand right now for affordable plus menswear, I decided to create this Small Price Guide to Big Guy's Style. A few places I have seen some pretty good guys plus clothes are as follows:

ASOS (because, guys, it is seriously the best for price, style, and overall dapper.)

Some other pretty good spots to grab the goods:

Old Navy
GAP (online...we all know we cannot find these sizes in stores, y'all.)
River Island
Bad Rhino

For more resources and shopping tips for big and tall dapper dudes, check out the blog site Chubstr.