The Reclaimed Resale

If you are following me on Instagram or you are on my mailing list, you have already heard about my latest announcement.

For those of you haven't, I FINALLY launched my shop: The Reclaimed Resale.

This is where I will be exclusively posting all of my finds for sale from here on out.

This blog started from my love of a good deal and the amazing finds I would make at local thrifts and second hand shops.

And though the blog has grown to host other features since then, I have not forgotten (nor do I intend to forget) my thrifting roots. At least twice a month, I hit my favorite spots and accumulate some pretty chic grabs.

However, finding amazing things has a way of crowding your space (namely the office area of my apartment) and its time to spread the style. Instead of hoarding the style (because who doesn't love to share and I love a good closet clean out!) I am posting the goods for you to get.

And a few of you already have! I have already sent out a few packages from you super savvy stylish savers. (Thanks for your purchases, babes!).

There are two ways to shop The Reclaimed Resale:
1) Head to my shop on Poshmark and shop it directly
2) Buy directly from The Reclaimed Resale Instagram by simply emailing me what items you want. I send you an invoice. You pay. I ship your items (free from Instagram) and you enjoy the thrill of thrift and vintage shopping without the labor or digging.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to The Reclaimed Resale and snag some finds of your own.

And (to sweeten the deal) send me your own snap of your purchases so I can share them on my socials!

Happy Thrifting loves!

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